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Our Story

Established in the fall of 2018, InsideTheTeam was created to shed light on what the public doesn't see in college football. Our mission is to provide a platform for players to point out the great coaches, and call out the ones abusing their position. By doing so, we hope to create a more transparent recruiting process and an overall more positive college football environment.

As former Division 1 football players, we witnessed what goes on behind the scenes in college football first hand. As contracts go up and patience go down, some coaches have thrown ethics out the window if it means winning. This has caused many coaches to become far more concerned about their own position and reputation rather than the wellbeing of the very players they recruited. And in the wake of larger abuses of power such as at Maryland, it became apparent that the players needed a way to speak up for themselves.


All our information is collected from current or recent players through anonymous surveys and interviews. As an organization empowering players, anonymity of comments and ratings is of the utmost priority, although all reviews submitted are personally verified by our team. 


If you are a current or recent college football player and have a story to share or want to submit a rating, please use the button at the bottom of the page to contact our team. Positive comments are just as valuable as negative ones, and by sharing your true feelings and experiences regarding your coach, you can help a future player make a more educated decision.