Bronco Mendenhall

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Football Knowledge

Player/Coach Relationship

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Player Comments:

7/24/20 - Player at Virginia

"Coach Mendenhall pushes us to not only become better football players, but become better men. He is very trustworthy and I’m grateful to be a part of his program."

7/8/20 - Player at Virginia

"He is a great coach and he wants to see his players succeed in the best way possible. There is more to football to coach Bronco. He cares about us and tells us all the time. I am not sure where I would be without him."

7/8/20 - Player at Virginia

"He always kept it honest and did his best to keep the players on the right track."

7/8/19 - Player at Virginia

"Coach Mendenhall has been honest and fair throughout my career. I have nothing bad to say about him personally. I think that the biggest problem in coach-player relationships in college football is the NCAA, which is really just the universities. Athletes are slowly gaining more leverage and power but only as a result of pending congressional legislation, not action on behalf of schools. Mens Football and Basketball are solely for revenue and the athletes are employees that generate the revenue. However, colleges treat athletes like hard assets, which they can control, rather than employees who have leverage and freedom to keep their employers accountable. I think the blame lies more with the universities than the coaches."