Chad Morris

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Football Knowledge

Player/Coach Relationship

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Player Comments:

3/14/19 - Player at Arkansas

"Coach Morris has a high football IQ, and does a lot to try to develop professional young men, not just football players. With that being said, Coach Morris did not try to develop any type of relationship with his players. Players hardly hear from him or see him unless there is a camera rolling. He constantly says one thing, but then does another. No players trust that he wants what is best for them as a person or player. Our team under Morris also lacked competition. He and his staff had predetermined the starters from day 1 of spring practice. It didn’t matter how bad one of their selected players performed in practice, the weight room, the classroom or in games, and our record of 2-10 reflected that reality. All of these statements are true for scholarship players, but the way Coach Morris treated walk-ons was even worse. The first thing coach Morris did was separate the walk-ons in the locker room by placing them all on the back wall of the locker room while the scholarship players were grouped by position in the rows of lockers. This coaching staff consistently took every opportunity that was presented to belittle walk-ons and remind them that they were second class citizens in this program. Overall, Coach Morris could be a good coach because he has good ideas, but he mostly needs to learn how to improve his relationships with players."