Chip Kelly

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Overall Rating:


Football Knowledge

Player/Coach Relationship

Recruiting Honesty



Player Comments:

7/24/20 - Player at UCLA

"I think Coach Kelly is great. He was very fair and more honest than probably any other coach I met in recruiting. I think players and fans in/around the program need to start spinning more positive talk around his name and what he’s building here because the way the media and some players who don’t like him portray him is unfair and inaccurate. He commands discipline and hard work in this program but I feel he’s very reasonable and actually tries to take into consideration how to make practices and workouts more beneficial for players."

6/12/19 - Player at UCLA

"Please go deep and look into the program."

6/12/19 - Player at UCLA

"Nobody likes him but everybody is scared to stand up because they want to play. He lies and has no player relationship. Only about 10 people on the team have his phone number. Abuse of power. A lot more.."

1/15/19 - Player at UCLA

"Greatest coach ever."