Patt Narduzzi

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Player Comments:

6/5/19 - Player at Pittsburgh

"Pat Narduzzi is a great man who cares about his players. We, as in the entire Pitt Football staff and players, are truly an extension of his family. He not only has made that known but he shows it through his willingness to help through any problem, his sympathy that he has with his players when we are going through issues beyond football and the guidance that he instills in us. He is fair and honest to us and he doesn’t sugar coat. He has a great sense of humor and he isn’t afraid to shift from a friend that we can talk to at anytime to his authoritative role as head coach when necessary. He’s a good man."

5/29/19 - Player at Pittsburgh

"Coach Duzz is one of the best men I know. He’s honest, fair and he loves his players. He’s consistently kept in contact with me after my playing days and we still catch up. Choosing the right school for you is a big decision but an even bigger one is choosing the right coach to play for. Pat Narduzzi is the best of them. You will exceed your own expectations as a football player and as a man under him. He is a great man and coach to play for. There are a lot of shady and dishonest coaches in college football but Pat Narduzzi is not one of them. I cannot say enough good things about this guy. Playing for him at Pitt was the best decision I’ve ever made."