Tom Allen

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Player Comments:

8/19/19 - Player at Indiana

"Coach Allen is a great coach that I truly see as a father figure. He leads us and motivates us to being the best we can be as football players and young men. Best head coach in college football."

6/17/19 - Player at Indiana

"Coach Allen is an incredible coach and mentor. He is always honest with his players and practices what he preaches. He is like a second father to his players and someone that we can count on whenever we need his help or advice."

6/14/19 - Player at Indiana

"Coach Allen is one of the best coaches I’ve ever played for. He really cares about his players and doesn’t see us as machines but as young men."

6/14/19 - Player at Indiana

"Coach Allen is a great coach and even better man. Couldn’t ask for a better coach."

5/22/19 - Player at Indiana

"Coach Allen is about as good of a man as there is in college football. The man has true compassion and care for all his players as men rather than just football players. Couldn’t say enough good things about the man."

5/20/19 - Player at Indiana

"Easily one of the best coaches I’ve had the privilege to play for. After hearing him talk, you’ll want to run through a wall for him and your teammates."